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AFEWA specialise in all electrical and fire protection services in Perth, Western Australia.

We are here to ensure what you need or want is what is listened to and met. The right outcome is your satisfaction and smile. We all love a good smile here.

Whether it is your business, school, aged care facility, strata complex or other industry that you manage it all matters and the same care is given.

We are proud of our business because we make a difference to you and what needs to be achieved for that satisfied outcome.

Fire Safety, Standards, Legislation and Laws are requirements in all workplaces. It can be hard to manage with cost pressures, time management issues, and stress for all managers and business owners all the time.

What makes us different?
We are a business too so we do get it!

With our core beliefs and listening to you. We will try to deliver a personalised ‘think outside the box’ approach.

The outcome needs a solution to meet the standard, but to also be cost effective to your business’s Fire Safety Requirements.

 Call myself on 0487 514 812 or email me direct at support@afewa.com.au as I am here to help you.

Welcome to All Fire and Electrical Website.

I’ve been in the electrical industry for 17 years and the fire industry for the past 3 years! I’m a busy Mum of 2, with a love for triathlon.

But here I am about to take on the next big challenge in life called business. I’m excited as I have an amazing team behind me with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.



You may see this rocking electrician around when working with AFEWA. Terry would be a 60’s rock star first and a electrician second.

With a mean rift and vocals of a Doors member, Terry’s love is music is first and his band the Kombies are always doing great local gigs. But second to that not a bad electrician either.

With over 35 years of experience under his belt across a broad range of electrical fields we are extremely lucky to have him on our team. Terry like his experience covers all areas of the AFEWA’s business. Including both the Fire and Electrical components slotting into any gap and is always the go to guy for a ear to a problem.

A father of 3 boys and 20 years of junior AFL coaching. Terry’s soft nature and calming composure places our younger team with a great mentor. Weather its to chat music, footy or work you will find Terry a great front man for our business and is always there to offer advice.


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