RCD Safety Switches

RCD Safety Switches

Provides long term protection for you, your business and home against either injury or death.

Every day activities such as screwing shelving into a wall or using an electrical appliance can turn deadly without the protection of a RCD Safety Switch.

How does an RCD Safety Switch work?

An RCD Safety Switch protects by constantly monitoring the current flowing in the Active and Neutral wires supplying a circuit or an individual item of equipment. Under normal circumstances, the current flowing in the two wires is equal. When an earth leakage occurs due to a fault in the circuit or an accident with the equipment, an imbalance occurs and this is detected by the RCD, which automatically cuts off the power before injury or damage can result.

RCD Safety Switches are extremely sensitive, disconnecting in under 20 milliseconds of detecting a leakage current. This stops the flow of electricity through someone’s body to earth. Importantly, this response time is much faster than the critical section of the cardiac cycle and therefore significantly reduces the risk of death or serious injury.

RCDs also protect against fire caused by faults in appliances, tools and wiring. If these faults go undetected they could cause a fire or personal injury.

RCD Safety Switches are required by law to be fitted at the origin of the power and lighting circuits which will be at the main meter box or distribution board for the residence. They can be identified by the test button on the front of the device.

Since 2000 it has been compulsory for all new homes to have a minimum of two RCD Safety Switches fitted to protect the power and lighting circuits as part of the electrical installation. However, homes built before 2000 were not required to have two RCDs fitted and from 1992 to 1999 only one RCD was fitted, which will not ensure complete protection.

If you are unsure whether you have RCD Safety Switches installed or you need them installed contact us on 0487 514 812 or email us at office@afewa.com.au and we can send a Qualified Electrician around to check, supply and fit your RCDs.

Testing your RCD Safety Switches

To ensure that the RCD Safety Switches fitted to your home perform correctly, they must be tested at regular intervals. AS/NZS 3760 2010 recommends that each RCD be tested every three months or if using a portable RCD, a push button test should be performed before each use by the operator.

To test your RCD Safety Switch, press the ‘test’ button on the front of the device and then release it. The button will only test the RCD if an electricity supply is connected.

If your RCD Safety Switch fails to operate contact us on 0487 514 812 or email us at office@afewa.com.au and we can arrange for a Qualified Electrician to test your RCD and replace if necessary

A licensed electrical contractor is the best person to assess if your RCD Safety Switches meet the regulations.

Nuisance Tripping

In most cases of RCD Safety Switch tripping it will concern appliances or situations that involve at least one or a combination of three conditions, all of which requires a licensed electrician to rectify.

  1. Moisture causing electricity to leak to earth in an appliance or within premises wiring.
  2. A heating element that is either faulty or drawing sudden electrical surges.
  3. An appliance with an electric motor that is either faulty or drawing sudden electrical surges.

If you have trouble with constant or intermittent RCD Safety Switch tripping or if you wish to have RCD Safety Switches installed in your house, contact us on0487 514 812 or email us at office@afewa.com.au and we can arrange for a licensed electrician to come to assist you.


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